7th Grade Writing Workshop Resources

Welcome to the Writing Workshop Resources page!  Use the links below to check out notes on writing styles, get ideas for assignments and lessons, and learn more about writing!

The 7th Grade Writing Workshop is not a "regular" class.  It is supposed to encourage students to want to write, using mini-lessons and structured feedback to encourage writing improvement.  Grades are based more on effort and improvement than on ability.


Notes & Handouts:

Pre-Writing: Topics, Purposes of Writing, Audience, Genre

Some rules of thumb for paragraphs

Some rules of thumb for titles

The Writing Process

Elements of Writing

Memoir (Nonfiction)

Narrative (Fiction)


Essay (General) & Expository Writing

Script Writing (Drama)



Shrinklits (Summary)

Scrapbook (Compilation)

Descriptive Writing

Figurative Language

Other Writing Styles

Collins Writing Types