Miscellaneous Language Arts (and other) Information

Arranged in "More useful" to "Less useful" order (more or less)

Feats of Memory Anyone Can Do

Worried about the test? Write about and do better!

How to remember better

How to do really well in school

Breakfast really IS the most important meal of the day

Food for the Mind

Food for the Mind II - Chewing gum makes you smarter (temporarily)

People Who Doodle Learn Faster

Think Before You Judge

Not knowing is not an excuse!

i.e. VERSUS e.g.

Music to help you study


The Story of the Seventeen Camels (A Parable)

Public Writing Mistakes

A Puzzle



Crazy Vocabulary Sentence

The Importance of Phonics (.wma audio clip)

Garbage v. Rubbish

Wendy's needs a better proof-reader

"Beelzebub has a devil put aside for me"

The next time your parents are hassling you about your grades, tell them a story...

Graduation Speech: "You are not special"

You can practice being creative