Alphabetizing - Why


Knowing how to alphabetize can come in handy for many reasons.  Having items alphabetized makes it easier to keep track of them, especially when you have a lot of items. 


Alphabetizing – How


  1. In order to alphabetize, you need to know the alphabet.  Refresh your memory or make a cheat sheet if you need to do a large amount of alphabetizing and find yourself struggling with the order.
  2. If you have a list of words that is more than one letter long, start by grouping the words or objects according to the first letter.
  3.  Now comes the more difficult sorting. After getting everything into piles by first letter, we move to sorting by second letter and then third letter until we finish.
    1. NOTE 1: the two "c"s in "accent" do not count as a single letter
    2. NOTE 2: "axel" follows "axe" because "axe" has no letter in the fourth spot and blank spots come first.
  1. Special Consideration #1: Proper Names
  2. Special Consideration #2: A, An, The
  3. Special Consideration #3: Special Characters