Office Live

There are two ways you can create, view, copy, and edit Microsoft Office documents.  One is to use Google Apps, particularly Google Docs; the other is called Office Live.

You will be able to use these documents even if you don't have Microsoft Office programs (Word, PowerPoint, and Excel) on your computer - all you should need is an internet connection.  Be aware: The free online versions do not have all the features of the full versions you can purchase, but they are free, and they work. 

Before you can view and/or use these online programs and documents, you need to create an Office Live workspace. 

How to create an Office Live workspace.


1) Go to the Office Live log-in page (click above, or put the above web address into your web browser).

2) Use your school email address ( as your login/email address. 

3) Fill in the other requested information. 

4) When you click "Finish", you must log in to your school email account and open the email you were sent by Office Live.  It will ask you to click on the button to confirm.  If you have trouble with this (because your school email is finicky about letting email from outside in), you may need to check with a teacher for assistance.

5) Once you confirm your email address, a screen will pop up - this may take a while.  If it hasn't happened after a few minutes, click the "refresh" button on your browser and you should be in. 

6) Click the button to set up a workspace (Create - Step 1).

When you receive "invitations" to view documents from people you know, you can accept the invitation; at that point, you should be able to view, copy, and edit the document. 

You will also be able to create new documents in your workspace using the Office programs.  You will then be able to send invitations to others that allow them to view your files online.  Alternatively, you can copy and paste your creations into a school email and send them to people.  

REMINDER: When you are creating new documents, the default file type is ODB - change the "save as file type" to .doc for Word, .xls for Excel, or .ppt for PowerPoint.